The Rabbit Coloring Book

Continuing on my whirl wind week of creativity, I am so excited to share with you all my second coloring book! This time I went with an all rabbit/outside playtime theme. I love to encourage romping around and I heard at the recent conference pieces that show athleticism would be a good area to look into. As well as the coloring book there is So You Think You Can Dance which I am an avid watcher of. I am hoping to finally make some fan art this year. (perhaps that will be tomorrow’s post? *hint hint*) Of course I really should focus on making more portfolio pieces with the LASCBWI conference quickly approaching. As you can see from the picture above, my desk is over crowded with everything I am working on. Hope you can see my small bowl of my power food on the right. Sesame Honey Almonds from Trader Joes, these are the yummiest healthiest snack ever!

Now for the treats I can give you my viewers, downloadable coloring pages! Just click on the images and it should begin the download right away. I am hoping to make the whole book available for download from my etsy shop, I just need to work out the details. For now enjoy the freebies!

From a style standpoint I realize these look nothing like how I have drawn in the past. As my time has me in front of more children’s book, with the two year old, I am finding myself inspired by the playful characters that have less realism to their creation. I don’t have any intention of dropping my polished pencil style. However, I am enjoying exploring this cartoony style that has developed from my sculpey work. It is a part of me too. The speed with which I can put together an illustration in this style allows the drawing to be only fun and totally stress free. I liken them to figure drawing sessions, I am playing, learning more gestures and setting up compositions that I can use later in my other style.

One thought on “The Rabbit Coloring Book

  1. Love the coloring book pages. Makes me want Chase to be able to color now so I have an excuse to color too!

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