Matt’s Choice

Every night my husband tells me “make more art that you are proud of”. I find as an artist I am the cliché, never completely happy with my own work. Always wanting it to be better, too close to the situation to see the continuity. This is not to say I don’t believe in my work or think it is marketable, I just am constantly wanting improvement. However, I have recently been happy with my work!

I sunk into a routine of spending any moment free making art. Apart from the large number of sculpey creatures I made, I also completed a series of pieces from The Life of Pi. The first two pieces can be seen here. Now, here is the third.

I am very happy to be able to add this series to my portfolio. Just in time for the NESCBWI conference this coming weekend. Ready for my portfolio review Friday and my web critique Sunday. The website critique is through the Advanced Illustrator Academy. I am happy to have helped organize this Academy which, will include illustrators Dani Jones and John Lechner, designer Kerry Martin, and agentNicole Tugeau. It should be a stupendous session! I look forward to seeing friends and meeting people that I have been talking with through twitter. Make sure you stop and say hi!

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