Re-cap — Somerville Open Studios

What a weekend and then week following. Nothing happened this week but, I have felt burnt out and all over the place. Honestly I still feel like I am out of sorts but, it’s time to reign this in and get back to a normal schedule.

What did I do this week? I gardened: prepping my seedlings for life outside, potted some yard violets, and went shopping at Mahoney’s as my Mother’s Day gift to myself. I purchased a plant that I am going to try to bonsai and I got information on how to take care of my venus fly trap; since, it has taken a hit on its new growth.

Then I spent the rest of my time watching How I Met Your Mother and perusing etsy. It has been ridiculous, I didn’t even update my shop! Today that stops. Back on the blog ready to update and get back to work.

Although, one last silly thought, I have gotten from How I Met Your Mother. If you had a tape/cd stuck in your car and it only played one song over and over,  what song could you handle that being? I choose Parklife by Blur.

Anyway, Somerville Open Studios went excellently! Thank you to everyone who came by and supported me and Seth! We had a wonderful turn out and many of our items found new homes. In fact to celebrate the success, spring and, being back I am going to do a give away! One of my critters from the drawers will be the item up for grabs. I need to post new pictures of which critters are left; once I have that I will make an official post about the giveaway.

Until then, a fun thing that happened while I sat awaiting visitors last weekend was a I started filling a sketchbook with brush pen drawings of my critters. The style is different from how I have usually draw but, I like that inspiration is coming to my sketchbook from my sculpting. I don’t know that I will take this style to a portfolio level but, I certainly enjoy it and it helps to fuel me creatively for my usual drawing style. There is a part of me that dreams of making a side B to my portfolio filled with items like these.

For those of you coming to my blog from the kidlitart tweet chat last night you remember our discussion was on style, how you develop/find your own style. I agree that it takes years of practice, drawing enough that a consistent look comes out of you. What do you think of this? A totally different technique has sprouted out of me. Do I make side B? If I leave this on the level of my etsy shop, would you prefer me to have a separate shop for my critters verses having them together with my letter and animal paintings? Or as it was mentioned am I too close to myself and don’t see how these relate to my other work? Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated! Of course these questions are also directed at myself, this is me letting you all in on my current thoughts.

Hope you all enjoy hearing about my silly week, thank you for stopping by!

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