Matt’s Choice and Wednesday Animal

Yesterday I let myself be sucked into a new piece. It is part of my decision to move forward with making a new portfolio of dimensional work. It is a large undertaking which, is going to require a lot of time and energy. It will probably be a side B to my portfolio. However, this is a long process and I am going to be asking a lot of advice from professionals before I finalize anything. As I am in the midst of trying to make large amounts of work I am actually having a hard time breaking out of my illustrating mode to be online or make dinner . . .

I was hoping to finish the piece yesterday. However, it is taking longer than I expected and isn’t coming together quite how I want. It is going to require some trial and error. I want to try different backgrounds, one being outside and since it is raining today, I can’t give that a try yet. For now here is the work in progress:

With these two taking up my art time yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to make many new cuddly critters for the drawers.  I also didn’t post the new guys from the day before until today, check them out:

And after reading back this post I am realizing I am in a place where balancing my blog and getting work done isn’t producing wonderful results. So, I am deciding to take a hiatus from blogging for the next couple of weeks. I will still post pictures of my daily drawer filling progress, watch my flickr stream for that. I would rather be off line for a couple of weeks and put all my energy into my illustration than spread myself too thin and not give my all to anything. If I get done with something and have time, I will try to post but, plan to look out for my next Husband’s Choice May 3rd. I will post about SOS again before the event on April 30th and May 1st.

Happy Creating!

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