Super Vibrant Bunny!

Somerville Open Studios has an Artists Choice Exhibit at the Somerville Museum to help promote artists involved. Often I am out of the loop from lack of attention because, I am trying to be involved in too many things. After critique group Tuesday and an email, I got the information that if I wanted to participate I needed to get it together by today. Which I did!

Gareth and his brethren marched onto my studio desk yesterday and today Gareth is traveling to the Museum to tell people about my art and where to go for SOS.

Here’s a shot of him before he left:

5 thoughts on “Super Vibrant Bunny!

  1. Pretty awesome little guy. He looks like a dog waiting for a bone or a bunny waiting for a carrot–very expectantly 😉

  2. Oh Wow, thats great!! Good luck to you:) I love everything about him and his ears look like carrots to me. Too cute!

    • They are additional pieces of sculpey that I shape into a ball then flatten between my fingers. After which, I press them onto him to attach each spot.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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