The Pacific

Lately there has been a focus on the Pacific in the world and at my home. The weekend the Quake and Tsunami hit Japan, Matt and I were listening to the Life of Pi on our drive to Rochester. This was my second time listening to it and I was taken away again. The Life of Pi is on my favorite books list; it blew me away. I had no idea what was coming. If you decide to read it I highly recommend the audio book, thanks Melinda for recommending that to me.

Upon my second listening I decided to move forward with my decision to illustrate 3 scenes that stuck in my mind. This is also my Husband’s Choice for the present as I have a show and a conference coming up in May. With his encouragement I am working to make new work to sale or donate and to update my portfolio. (yes there are only 2 of 3, the third composition is too similar to the first. it’s still in sketch stage)

With the many things happening across the world, I’m glad to say there are many groups sending whatever help they can including Kidlit4Japan There are some wonderful items up for auction. Check it out and bid as generously as you can. We are thinking and hoping for the people of Japan. Let there be more people this brave.

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