Back from FL

Wow it is strange to come back to snow and ice after seeing green for over a week! Also to switch back into big coats and multiple layers after being in shorts and t-shirts. When it was first suggested to me that we take this trip to FL in February it was December and I was just cuddling up to winter, stating “oh but I love the snow!”.  After the barrage of storms that hit our area pummeling us with over 4 feet of snow I was totally ready for get a brief spring! We had a delightful time spending some time on the beach, getting freshly picked oranges, and visiting all the family in FL. I think we totaled over 12 hours of driving time up and down the Gulf Coast of FL.

We flew back home Saturday and after 48 hours home, Lucien showed us he had been exposed to a stomach bug during our travels. He is thankfully all better and I am catching back up with all my usual daily responsibilities, like my blog.

Our first day in FL we went to the Tampa Zoo which, is much larger than our neighborhood zoo. I had no idea how thin a giraffe’s neck is or how small a zebra is compared to a giraffe. It was wonderful to get to have a day at the zoo with my sketchbook and family.

My sketches are really rough, as they always are. It amuses me how rough my sketches are compared to how tight I make my finals.

Good to be back. Been doing a lot of work lately, I will hopefully be able to post it all here soon.


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