Finished Sketchbook Project

Fearing that I would not have time to get to the post office on Saturday due to my son’s second birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCIEN!), I wrapped up my sketchbook Thursday night and shipped it Friday. A few hours later I got the email about the extension. . . doh! I am happy to all who were able to take advantage 🙂 Honestly I got so sick between Friday and Saturday I have been in full recovery mode until now. Some things are meant to happen the way they do! As Oogway from Kung Fu Panda says “There are no accidents” Yep my son and I watched Kung Fu Panda on his birthday so it’s fresh, plus I love quoting movies.

Now for the sketchbook project. I was hoping to complete more pages. In the end I illustrated on 64 pages removing 14 drawing pages-this counts front and back. What is below doesn’t carry a story, most are little hits from life with Matt. In the sketchbook a spread from last week’s post goes in between each of these spreads, expect for the first two spreads below.

We drove through a blizzard after lots of crazy planning to help all the people flying so we could get everyone to VT.

Yes an hour before our wedding ceremony my Step-Mom, Rebecca, broke her femur. She is a trooper and she sent my Dad back to keep the wedding going! We visited her the next day.

Scul Ride!

Disco Murder Mystery from Wedding Anniversary. Matt looked so gross in his wig.

Lucien helping with the snow plowing from this year’s blizzards. He is using a plastic toy lawn mower.

Yes this really happened.

There you go! My sketchbook project and some windows into my life. I am going to put together a file of all the pages for better viewing. Just give me some time to figure out how I want to do that. If you also did a sketchbook project and have some ideas, drop me a line.

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