An animal and Daisies

Last night I found myself free of responsibility. All deadlines met and no pressing holiday needs. I had been at the computer for the better part of the day, hubby was asleep so, no chance to watch him play Fable 3, and therefore was free to sit at my studio desk. For the first night in a month the clay did not call me, my watercolors did. I knew I should paint an animal since today is Wednesday but, I am finally watching a show I have been told I would love since it started, Pushing Daisies. It is just as perfect a show for me as everyone said, morbid but, completely adorable. The vibrant colors dazzle me and the characters are precious! If I had gotten her right you would be seeing Olive today but, she is my favorite and must be perfect.

And not to back out on my animal Wednesday I drew one today. If you know the show, based on my animal of choice, perhaps you can guess what episode I am on. Of course it takes me an episode and a half to finish a little watercolor. . . so I’m now past the episode that sparked my choice.

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