Taking Leaps

Having a kid was taking a leap. Before we had to go through labor we talked about how much fun having a kid would be. Part of having a kid is fun, but boy that process of bringing them into the world. . . the is a good reason they call it labor!

More stories from my life with Matt. Watching the sunrise as Matt tries to calm me down at only 3cm.

Another leap is the blog layout has had some work done. The sketches of design detail are now my own creations and I have added some buttons and links for my store and groups I am currently participating in, PiBoldMo and The Sketchbook Project. Check them out!

My other leaps have to do with preparing for the holidays, cards, ornaments and presents! I have been going at 110% for too long, as I am dropping off sitting at my computer. Need to keep going for a day and a half more! Then I am hoping I can really take Thursday off; eat some food and sleep the rest of that day.

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