After some encouragement from Renee I pulled myself together and took advantage of the extension to submit artwork until November 4th.

Keith Zoo wraps up well what Purrcasso is, shares his submission, and gives some links to other awesome artists who are contributing!

Here is a link to the Purrcasso site. It’s not too late to submit!

This is the piece I am submitting.

Our cat Buddy was the model and inspiration for the piece. He is always proud of himself for killing and offering us his toys.

Note: My image looks a bit washed out, that is due to my poor planning. I scanned the image in after it was behind glass.

6 thoughts on “Purrcasso!

  1. Hey thanks for the shout out Casey! Your piece turned out great, I love the swirly tail. Cute stuff!

    I only wish we lived closer so we could attend the auction… 😀

    • Thanks for the inspiration Keith. Once I knew you had made a piece I had to get my butt in gear.

      It would rock if we could attend the auction!

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