Angry Giraffe

In July I was sketching animals to put in my Sketchables interview. Thank you Sketchables for hosting me!

Giraffes are kind of my signature animal. I figured putting a giraffe in my interview as “what I draw” would be very appropriate. However, as I sketched nothing was coming out and none of the giraffes where particularly pleased to be in my sketchbook. One in particular just looked pissed off. But, his disgruntled behavior continued to amuse me so I drew him again in a finished illustration.

I really enjoyed making this piece; using messy lines to emphasis the mood. I am also pleased with his head shape. A problem I sometimes face is breaking free from reference and I feel this giraffe truly comes from my world. And here is the original sketch. I love that the scanner made a darker side to the image, it’s so appropriate.

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