Food Choice

When I met Matt I quickly realized how much he loved good food and how well he and his buddies could cook it. I had never spent much time cooking. I only made the recipes that I had known since I was a kid. Not to say these were bad, they just weren’t very creative and became repetitive. It became known that it was desirable for me to cook new and different things.

I rejected this and completely left the kitchen.

Until this past summer. We moved and Matt’s work schedule changed, meaning he was getting home after dinner needed to have been made. Added with, our own backyard garden, I had to start experimenting or risked loosing the fresh veggies we had laying around.

I opened new recipe books, flipped through magazines, checked the web, and just threw what I had in the fridge together. Some things came out delicious, other things burned, and some had no taste worth mentioning.

Now that it is fall I feel like I am blossoming. In part because last year I tried my hand at some pumpkin recipes. So, it wasn’t a stretch to make something more with them. Here is my first recipe I made up on my own that actually came out tasting like it is from a cookbook.

Husband’s Choice, experimental cooking:

I submitted the full recipe to They Draw They Cook and it should go up sometime soon. Thank You! Until then you should check out their site and all the delicious recipes they have to offer.

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