Drag Mama Up the Cliffs

Here is the second installment in my sketchbook project. I am not going to draw the events in any particular order, just as the images come to me.

This moment happened very recently, just back in June, when we wanted to hike a nature trail from the Jordan Lake House in Maine. The Jordan Cliffs trail was the shortest mile wise, so it seemed the best option. We were with my Mom and my Step Dad. My Step Dad was cool with this. My Mom, she expressed herself with some very shocked faces when we reached the rocks. There were iron poles bolted into the rocks to ensure we could climb up the rock face to reach the summit of this trail. The rest of us were working under once you start there was no going back. We kept telling her, “it will be fun, we swear!”

The trail took all day, but the view was worth everything. It was an amazing day. I feel this moment encompasses how ridiculous this hike was.

(click on the image to see it full size)

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