Late Updates

September 15th was International Dot Day celebrating Peter H. Reynold’s book The Dot. I wasn’t able to make my dot for the day but, here it is now. On top of Sept 15 being Dot Day, Zoe who was born! So, this dot is for her.

Then a little follow up on the Urban Country Fair here is a link to my pictures. The day went well, a lot of people came by and chuckled at the specimens. To clear things up, the specimens are clay creatures that I have put in vials filled with tea colored water. I think everyone has a secret desire to be a mad scientist. These provide a smell free way to resemble one.

I also had magnets and prints available for purchase. I sold most of my small magnets and a few people checked out the prints I had available. It was a successful-fun day. I am planning to put the items I didn’t sell up on etsy so watch out for that update.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me and the rest of us vendors at the fair!

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