Summer Visitors

I have recently realized I love drawing birds. I probably should have realized this a while ago, given that if I aimlessly doodle a little bird appears upon the page. The clarity came through with a few recent events. First were our many trips to the zoo, seeing Flamingos and learning that their upper beak is smaller than their lower beak. Then drawing birds for the ripple project (I still have two pieces left for sale). Thirdly putting up a hummingbird feeder and watching the little guys buzz around. And finally checking out the Owly books.

Andy Runton captures a simple beauty of nature. Using Owly as the main character is genius, because he is so similar to humans in how other birds will react to him. I know I am terribly late to this party, Owly has always been on my list. I am so glad I have now read these stories, they touched my heart making me smile and cry. Fan forever.

The last two events provided the inspiration for this blog’s little piece.

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