This past weekend we went down to NJ. I don’t like excuses but, the trip up rooted my routine and I haven’t finished my husband’s choice for today.

The theme will be a repeat conjured by a talk my husband and I had during the car ride home. We discussed the recent posts and I was able to ask Matt which he felt we successful and unsuccessful. He wasn’t willing to be very thorough; he did say I was often too literal causing disappointment. I agree. My mind is literal, so much that I often do not understand when someone is being sarcastic with me. Although, I in turn have very dry sarcastic humor.

Anyway, the specific image is the Microscopic Zoo. It’s not done yet, I am doing a series of sketches to make it more complex. Matt would not tell me what he had pictured, saying that defeated the purpose. This is a very delightful exercise, similar to the process of illustrating someone else’s book.

I would love to hear your thoughts: Where is the line? For other illustrators how have you dealt with a client that has such a specific image in mind they aren’t accepting what you are drawing but, aren’t able to verbalize what they want drawn?

I find this occurrence happens with design too. It is easier with repeat clients, you know they like and what they mean with the non descriptor words or subjective adjectives. I ask questions that get something I can interpret from my client and continue to push the design. Recreating it, even from scratch, until it is right. That is my job. I feel I am usually successful at it.

Not to send you away without a piece of art, here is my Colonel Windpipe contribution:
Thurston Trotter

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