Rebecca’s Choice

This past weekend my Dad and Rebecca visited us. I wasn’t working on much since we were spending time together. Although, we did take a trip to the zoo and I sketched the animals because they watched Lucien, we watch General Hospital so I sketched during the show, and then they requested a painting.

So, this weeks Husbands Choice is Rebecca’s Choice. Their original request was a pelican, but then they kept calling it a penguin and at one point a moose.

Behold, the Moose-Penguin-Pelican!

This is a small canvas painted with acrylics. After years of mainly using colored pencils I have decided it is time to play with some other mediums. I really enjoined the acrylics. I liked being able to go back and forth dark to light and light to dark. My plan is to make one piece a week that is trying out different techniques just for practice.

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