Glorious Prominent Noses

I have always been a fan of noses. They are my favorite facial feature and my favorite feature to exaggerate. Now, when I caricature I tend to make an exaggerated portrait more than a full caricature, which is how I draw and I am happy with that. However, on some of these I am not sure I pushed the noses to full extent they could or should go.


I left off the names of these files, they are actors feel free to guess who they are.

2 thoughts on “Glorious Prominent Noses

  1. Hi there! I love your work, especially the fun illustrations like the musical teridachtal! Just so cute and fun đŸ™‚ I love these cariactures too! The one of the bottom right actually reminds me of the actor that played in Cruel Intentions! Is it actually someone famous?

    By the way, I was probably in some of your illustration classes since I graduated from RIT in 2004 as well! I think I remember you, although I’m not sure as I don’t see any self portraits on here! Good to see you’re a full-time freelance illustrator! I’m not sure how many of us are succeeding as purely that, so way to go! I now work for a web-design company in Saratoga Springs, NY and trying to do more animation / sculpture freelance work, but not often enough! Do you hear from others from RIT?

    Again, nice work keep at it!

    ~ Jen Goodwin

    • Hey Jen! Glad we are linked up on facebook now! The caricatures are all actors, in order: Christine Baranski, Steve Carell, Barbara Streisand-when she’s young, and Micheal Sheen.

      I totally remember you from RIT. Glad to hear you are doing well working in web-design. Honestly I do a lot of graphic design to pay the bills, up until my son was born my day job was a marketing designer. I am putting much more focus into my illustration now, marketing myself more and really applying for freelance jobs.

      I do keep up with people from RIT, mainly on facebook. At the local RIT alumni events I have met up with a couple people from our class, which has been cool.

      Well keep in touch! And again, good to know you are doing well.


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