4 Month MIA

In the past four months summer has come and gone. Fall has begun and this is the time I try to get back on top of my life. This is the time of year I set resolutions. I think one of the resolutions most people have is, start their blog. I am going to stick with that trend and start to be more active on my blog.

As with the resolutions there are also projects that are always present in the fall and winter months that I am beginning. A craft fair, finishing a self-published book, preparing next years Illustrator Academy, the Halloween T-shirt, starting Holiday Cards, Christmas Ornaments, two shows, and fitting in taking care of a baby.

This has been a jam packed year with a lot of growth learning how to manage time in a way no school or job could teach you. Even with the time suck of a baby, I try to stay committed to being creative or drawing everyday. I have stuck to that pretty well. Here are a couple of sketches that have made it to a blog I frequent, Sugar Frosted Goodness.

Every Month

Every Meal

This are part of the self-published book by Sandra Hinds. The work continues with a hopeful finish by the end of the month. Presently the book is calling and for today, cheers!

3 thoughts on “4 Month MIA

  1. I love the new work, really sweet. You already have a big full-time job with baby. And then some! I’m impressed that you’ve been doing so much additional work. Fall does feel like a good time for fresh goals, good luck with all that’s on your plate.

  2. Hey Casey,
    I’m working on a work for hire book project too. Maybe we can spur each other on to meet deadlines and share sketches.

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