Trying Out All Lanes

Hello September! Time to start back up with the blog and a new schedule. This week my son started preschool Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which means I have 6 hours two days a week where I can work during the day. So far I have just done some cleaning and catching up. There were many emails that had lingered in my inbox for weeks and papers had gathered since I had design work that took up the last two weeks of August.

August was a strange month with new plans for moving forward. One of my directions is writing YA. I am not surprised this has poured out of me, I have always read YA and been inspired by the authors I have heard speak on the subject. Another direction is making full illustrations with sculpey. My first approach is very detailed models of my current characters, the three boys. Here are pictures of them so far.

After the first character I was asked to take pictures of the process. Here are three pictures of the process for boy 2.

When I had reached this point with boy 2 I lost part of my vision. I can see but my right eye is very blurred to the extent of causing mild double vision. I am able to work but it makes small details frustrating. Thankfully my left eye is unharmed. My right eye problems are due to a chalayzion which, should go away with time. For now it is causing an astigmatism. My next appointment is Tuesday to see where I am at and if I will need glasses. No matter what happens my vision should be fully restored soon. I am looking forward to working with both eyes again.

I did finish boy 2 during the eye problems; it doesn’t keep me from working.

However, I did take a break from creating more illustrations. Two weeks of design work showed up just as my eye was reaching a peak in blurriness and it gave me a good chance to rest my eye to help it heal.

Now that my eye is on the mend and I have new time I am picking up where I left off. The third part of my plans from August was to fully explore the three methods I use to illustrate, trying out all the lanes and picking one. Whatever I pick will help me build a new portfolio. I am excited to see how my art grows from this exercise.

Quote Quiz: “You are always preparing, just go!”

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Winner of Spring Giveaway

What a week leading up to an even bigger weekend! I don’t know if I made this clear, I only stated in the post comments, that the giveaway winner announcement was extended to today. I crazily planned that to end in the middle of the NESCBWI Conference. I don’t know what I was thinking! Excited beyond reason.

Now onto the winner. Chosen with random number counter, adding in facebook and twitter retweets, our winner is



Her choice was the Jelly Fish, so he is happily adopted and named Louisa by Lauren.

Lauren, I will email you shortly to get your mailing address.


Thank you all for participating and stopping by. I am sure there will be another giveaway in the future so be sure to check back!


All right here are the critters to choose from!

We are celebrating spring, success, and opening a new shop! Yes I decided to make a shop just for my critters.

To sign up for this giveaway, post a comment below saying which critter you would want. Also to earn more chances for yourself retweet this post making sure to put @CaseyGirard in the tweet so I know you did it. You have a week to sign up, next Sunday I will pick a winner!

(if you don’t see your comment right away don’t worry. I get so much spam I have to use an approval process for comments.)

Thanks for all the support!

Matt’s Choice and Wednesday Animal

Yesterday I let myself be sucked into a new piece. It is part of my decision to move forward with making a new portfolio of dimensional work. It is a large undertaking which, is going to require a lot of time and energy. It will probably be a side B to my portfolio. However, this is a long process and I am going to be asking a lot of advice from professionals before I finalize anything. As I am in the midst of trying to make large amounts of work I am actually having a hard time breaking out of my illustrating mode to be online or make dinner . . .

I was hoping to finish the piece yesterday. However, it is taking longer than I expected and isn’t coming together quite how I want. It is going to require some trial and error. I want to try different backgrounds, one being outside and since it is raining today, I can’t give that a try yet. For now here is the work in progress:

With these two taking up my art time yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to make many new cuddly critters for the drawers.  I also didn’t post the new guys from the day before until today, check them out:

And after reading back this post I am realizing I am in a place where balancing my blog and getting work done isn’t producing wonderful results. So, I am deciding to take a hiatus from blogging for the next couple of weeks. I will still post pictures of my daily drawer filling progress, watch my flickr stream for that. I would rather be off line for a couple of weeks and put all my energy into my illustration than spread myself too thin and not give my all to anything. If I get done with something and have time, I will try to post but, plan to look out for my next Husband’s Choice May 3rd. I will post about SOS again before the event on April 30th and May 1st.

Happy Creating!

Super Vibrant Bunny!

Somerville Open Studios has an Artists Choice Exhibit at the Somerville Museum to help promote artists involved. Often I am out of the loop from lack of attention because, I am trying to be involved in too many things. After critique group Tuesday and an email, I got the information that if I wanted to participate I needed to get it together by today. Which I did!

Gareth and his brethren marched onto my studio desk yesterday and today Gareth is traveling to the Museum to tell people about my art and where to go for SOS.

Here’s a shot of him before he left:

Another Rebecca’s Choice

This past weekend my Step Mom and Dad came up for a visit. We always lay low, watching favorite TV, eating the local food, and simply chit chatting. This visit was much the same but, had one wonderful addition. I shared sculpey with Rebecca and she became hooked.

Needing to acquire supplies for her, our daily routine was set up. Get up, have some breakfast, get ready, head to Kelly’s. After Lobster Rolls and Roast Beef Sandwiches were consumed, head to the Artist and Craftsman, and Starbucks. Go back home, with Lucien napping, make scupley critters until 1am, with a couple breaks in there for dinner and Wii Pictionary.

Rebecca went big right away making this lady
This image is an in progress shot. I didn’t take a picture of the finish but, she rocked!

With shared creativity in the room I was able to get a strong start on my art for Somerville Open Studios. My plan is to fill two type drawers with my cuddly critters. Here is my current progress

You can follow along for daily updates here at the full Photo Diary. I am also making larger cuddly critters that don’t fit in the drawers; I will be showing them during this diary as well. As you can see they will have individual shots.

My stop at SOS is #69 on the map. My friend Seth Seligman has kindly let me share his space. Stop by to see us April 30th and May 1st between 12-6pm.

New Shop!

All right, things have been going on in my life and I have to admit they are completely disrupting my regular scheduling. I am still getting things done and am making work; it is just all coming out on it’s own time. Hopefully next week will be a bit more normal and there will begin a new series of Husband’s Choice. I apologize for the break in the usual programming.

However, new things are here! I had a wonderful commission from a friend, 6 of my specimens! As it was left completely up to me on what to make I wanted to give her options to choose from. This left me with 7 new cuddlies to sale.

For a while I have been thinking of making the step to have a separate shop for my specimens. I believe these cuddlies don’t fit in well with my CaseyGirard etsy store. I think when the letters or even the other cuddlies are what brings you the shop and then you see the specimens they are off putting. So, to give them some proper space I have opened up Biology Class my new shop just for the specimens and any other strange creations that come about.

Here are the others that will be going up for sale throughout the week:

Yes the two not in vials are now and will sell in vials.